Crafted for Art Personalised: Masterpieces from the HKMOA
Winner of GDC Award 2023

HKMoA × Scentory


Key Visual Design, Print Collateral, Art Direction

The product is a collaboration with the Hong Kong Art Museum and is a limited-edition perfume set created for the “Art Personalised: Masterpieces from the Hong Kong Museum of Art” exhibition. In response to the exhibition, we selected nearly one hundred exquisite pieces from the museum's four major collections, and distilled them into four distinct temperament types: Adventurous Pioneering, Achieving Perfection, Graceful Elegance, and Fashionably Insightful. These represent the diverse artistic facets composed of different character traits.

Art is all a matter of personality
by Marcel Duchamp
so are scents.

In line with the exhibition's theme, we have designed the packaging to represent the five scents within the perfume set and to showcase that everyone has their unique personality traits. The overlapping shapes highlight the communication between individuals within the community. The branding design is centered around a versatile font, reinforcing the product's concept. In terms of printing and production, we have primarily used black and white, with glossy cards and matte black embossing in the packaging. This not only aligns with the client's budget but also creates a strong contrast between the black-and-white exterior and the cap colors of each perfume, adding depth and dimension to the packaging.