Fragrant Palm Leaves
Incense Set



Key Visual, Packaging Design

From Thich Nhat Hanh's ‘Fragrant Palm Leaves,' we draw inspiration for an incense set conceived amidst the pandemic.

Echoing his retreat to Plum Village — a sanctuary of acceptance and present mindfulness — the packaging harmoniously intertwines his book's excerpts into a leaf-shaped design, enveloping the package. This melds his teachings with our creation.

This poster unveils an incense set crafted during the pandemic's isolating uncertainties. The “leaf" motif gracefully arranges book excerpts, echoing Thich's journey to Plum Village for solace, acceptance, and embracing the “present moment." Amidst the noise of life, it resonates the return to nature and the pursuit of tranquility.

Images by Scentory Hong Kong