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Key Visual Design, Print Collateral, Art Direction

The Film Services Office (FSO) was established to promote the development of the Hong Kong film industry. Since its inception in April 1998, the FSO has helped the film industry to overcome some of the fundamental difficulties in film productions, and will continue its best endeavours to render assistance and support for film productions in Hong Kong. Aim to maintain Hong Kong as a major film-producing centre and enhancing Hong Kong's position as a film trading and service hub in the Asia-Pacific Region.

This promotional material is designed to showcase Hong Kong's diverse development and the government's support for the film industry. Hong Kong offers limitless creative opportunities for film production.

Drawing inspiration from the dynamic process of film production and pixels, a design has been created that embodies a balance between stillness and motion. Using a palette of black, white, purple, and silver, along with folding and die-cutting in the single sheet, the promotional brochure exudes dynamism and reflects the vibrant and unexpectedly delightful aspects of Hong Kong.